Track Days

4 X 4




The facilities of Drive@Weeze have recently expanded with an off-road terrain. Through a beautiful forest three different routes were created. There are 3 different levels of difficulty, blue, red and black. The blue is perfect for standard SUV’s and 4x4’s on normal road tires. The red is also suitable for such cars but these should be fitted with M+S tires and preferably a winch, if not you will get stuck. The black route is for those who build a 4X4 car specially for off-road activities. The focus is not on speed but skill is what it’s about!

Drive@Weeze’s off-road terrain is currently only ‚Äč‚Äčavailable to 4x4 clubs, associations and Drive@Weeze incentives. Please fill in the contact form to find out more about the possibilities.



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