Track Days

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Drive@Weeze Track Days are organised to enjoy yourself and test the speed and handling abilities of your car in a safe, controlled environment, away from the public roads.

During Drive@Weeze track days we offer you the possibility to learn everything about driving fast and safely on a closed circuit, either with your own car or with a specially prepared rental car. A select group of experienced instructors are available to guide you throughout the day to take your driving skills to the next level.

Drive@Weeze Track Days are also perfect for anyone who just wants to enjoy a great day of driving on a closed track. So whether you want to be the next Michael Schumacher or just get more out of a twisty road, Drive@Weeze is the place to learn it!

Drive@Weeze has become popular with several car brand clubs whose members love to experience a Track Day together, share their passion for the brand, look under each others hood and on top off all enjoy driving itself.


The TrackDay experience 

  • The possibility to have an instructor in your passenger seat
  • Learn the importance of smoothness behind the steering wheel
  • Test the abilities of (your) car
  • Get the instincts to steer away from or around an incident instead of overreacting or panicking
  • No competition whatsoever
  • Become a better driver in general
  • Be more confident behind the wheel
  • No speeding tickets!

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